Michelle tells of her Rostrum journey
A testimonial from a successful member
A Rostrum Success story
A testimonial from WA
How Alok improved his university presentations with Rostrum

Alok's improvement in presentation skills noticed by his PhD supervisors.

Overcoming a lifetime of anxiety

Darren now treats speaking situations as opportunities rather than situations of anxiety and avoidance.

Listening to speakers at Rostrum improves your general knowledge

Rostrum helped Eddie overcome stuttering, expand his horizons, and find his voice.

Einer's Rostrum club assists with his professional skills

Einer has found that Rostrum skills are life-long skills. Find out why he likes the early starts to his club meetings!

A love of public speaking

James gained his love of public speaking from the mentors in his Rostrum meeting.

Jinzhe enjoys his president's role at Rostrum

Jinzhe found that improving his spoken English is just one benefit of attending his club meetings.

Improving speaking skills through practice at Rostrum

Judy was about to face talking to 500 high school students when she sought help from Rostrum. She did not expect she'd fall in love - with Rostrum!

Mary enjoys the fellowship of Rostrum TAS

Mary found like-minded people at Rostrum who love words, friendship and look forward to 'having a go'.

Michael is confident in his speaking at Rostrum

Michael used to focus on filling up time when he spoke. Now, his speaking is full of quality and confidence.

Paul talks about learning speaking with Rostrum

There is a contagious feeling of enthusiasm in Paul's club.

That is me in the bear suit, the way I used to be. I originally joined Rostrum for work reasons.

Winning at work with Rostrum

Susan achieved medal-winning eloquence. With the help of the leaders at her club, she learned to be a confident speaker.

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