Following the COVID-19 shutdown most Clubs in South Australia are making plans to resume, or have already resumed, physical meetings. Some clubs are holding hybrid meetings, which combine a physical meeting with a Zoom meeting.  Before you visit a club we recommend you contact them to check what options are available to you.

Meeting Time

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:15pm for a 7:30 start. 


Aberfoyle Community Centre 

1 Jessica Street

Aberfoyle Park SA 5159

Meeting is in Room 1 & 2 at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start


Alan: 8357 5167

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About Club 34

Club 34 was launched as a Provisional Rostrum Club in September 2012.

We were inaugurated as the 34th Club in South Australia in March 2014.
If you are interested please contact the club email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Finding Us

Contact Alan


Connor Represented us at the Speaker of the Year Competition 2019




People you should meet

The following people have been active members of Rostrum clubs for many years.

Their experience is invaluable and you are invited to seek their help about both speaking and meeting procedure.



Club President Stephen


R34 Small Heather

Program Director Heather



Membership Manager Evon


Treasurer Alan

 Jill W

Program Director and Secretary Jill


R34 Small Club

Our Club as at April 2018

Why improve your communication?

  • You might want to speak to a large public meeting, a small group of colleagues or just have a one-to-one discussion in a social setting.
  • Perhaps you need to speak at a wedding or other special occasion that needs a particular type of speech.
  • A promotion at work may involve making presentations about the job or you need to present yourself at a job interview.

Whatever your needs, Club 34 is the place to learn.

You’ll learn at your own pace in a supportive environment and it doesn’t matter what your starting point is.

For many people, nerves are the immediate issue. We can learn how to work around these problems.

Learning to relax and think ahead as you speak vastly improves your self confidence and this helps in many other aspects of life.


So how does it work?

Our meetings run for around 1.5 hours and consist of two sections.

The first is the speaking program where we hear 4 or 5 prepared speeches, each 5 to 15 minutes long.

If you wish, our Program Director will give exercises that suit your particular interests.

This is followed by a round table discussion about a popular topic so everyone, visitors included, has a chance to speak.

Sometimes we have a training session about preparing or delivering a speech.

Next is a short business section where we give reports, deal with correspondence and make decisions affecting the Club.

The aim here is to use time efficiently but make sure that business is dealt with effectively and with full consultation of members.

The Program Director allocates the roles of Chairperson and Minute Secretary for each meeting so we all have a chance to learn these skills.

This happens only when you’re ready and willing.


Our Training Program

At the conclusion our trained Coach gives closing comments saying what was done well and giving a few hints for improvement.

To see whether it’s for you, come along and try us out.



Photos of our Joint Birthday Meeting with Club 11

On the evening of 16th April 2019 we celebrated our fifth Birthday.

Traditionally this celebration is shared with Club 11 with whom we compete for The Gavel.

On this occasion three speakers from each club  spoke for 8 min each to the theme Ambition.

Philip Cook                      Hew too high, chips in your eye,

Evon Summers                Sir Richard Branson,

Colleen Milton                 Never Stop, Stop, Stop,

Danielle Mazurkiewicz      Madonna: Blonde Ambition,

Bob Bogner                     Father of the Fatherland, and

Robert Cunningham         Clive Palmer.

Robert int

Fmn Rod presents The Gavel to Robert Cunningham representing the winning Club 34 team


We also took this opportunity to welcome Paula McFarlane to Club 34.

Paula Induction int

Paula McFarlane is inducted into Club 34 by Fmn Rod Ellis


And then we ate (thank you Marta and Evon):

Now we are 5 intsandwiches int












October 2019 and Club 34 retains the gavel

Club 11 34


Photos of our Joint meetings with Glenelg Speaking Made Easy (a.k.a. Penguins)

The following photos were taken at our joint meetings by Stephen Watts.


penguin rostrum



Joint Mtg 2019 trimmed

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